Posting On LinkedIn, Just isn't working for me! How do I pick a Niche? How do I Increase Engagements? How do I generate leads?

Posting On LinkedIn, Just isn't working for me! How do I pick a Niche? How do I Increase Engagements? How do I generate leads?

A linkedin self assessment guide & framework to help you pick a niche and increase post engagements

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Why am I on LinkedIn?

  • I am here so that I can find the audience which I cannot find nearby.

  • It's for extending my reach to others in a matter of seconds to people who need me and I need them which makes it valuable.

It works like "I need you as much as you need me".

Why are people not engaging with my posts?

  • I have increased my network sporadically, instead of steadily increasing it and by not picking a niche for myself.

  • I have a robotic writing style, & the content isn't reaching the designated audience.

  • I am sharing my trade secrets and all the valuable sources through which I learn my skills, and grow spiritually and mentally.

  • I have researched and found them with hard work, and lots of nights spent in the sea of information on the web but sharing them still isn't working for me.

How to reverse the situation?

  • Ravi Mishra has a knowledge-hungry audience, who know the value of knowledge and they praise it by engaging with the posts.

  • Chris Roberts may talk about security offline, but online it is more about his journey and life. To me, he seems more like a philosopher and writer than a security guy. His audience is like-minded and loves experiencing his life, and his whimsical writing.

  • Danielle Carrigan talks about life as a VA (virtual assistant). She is an incredibly resilient person who managed to build a successful business along with her team on linkedin in under a year. She had her fair share of troubles in life.

  • Lester Chng talks about personal branding & leveraging linkedin. He was a lost guy sometime before but understood what linkedIn can bring people.

He often tells us how linkedin is not a white paper which once written by our amateur writing/posts will not become a stain or blemish on our careers but will become the gas to fuel our careers forward.

What do I take linkedin as?

  • I take linkedin as a whiteboard, which I write on and erase. It helps me develop myself, my writing skills, my perspectives on the field as well as my knowledge.

  • For Example, How many people will go to my profile to search for my past posts, even if they do, it will show my growth over time.

How to pick & grow a niche?

  • I thought that I didn't have a niche but, I have, I just didn't realize it. And now I think all people have it too, it's in their bones their life but no realization.

  • I just have to refine my niche further and make changes as required.

  • I need to pick a niche (a topic to focus on) and become an authority, a lead figure of the niche. Whenever people talk about a specific niche, they must think about me, and the topics I talk about (same as Lester Chung).

My Niche? "DO Whatever your heart says; do what you love"

I have always felt restricted throughout my life with a limited amount of freedom,

  • restricted by my studies, to not being able to study what I want,

  • restricted by my locality, local facilities, like access to children my age, parks, playgrounds,

  • restricted by the boundaries of my home,

  • restricted by the resources, and restricted access to learning resources due to the internet being a rarity during my childhood.

Meaning I couldn't do what I wanted in the past, but now that things have changed.

  • I want to explore, learn new things, and build a business.

  • I want to try new things, try some woodworking, try some new musical instruments, play football with my pals,

  • I want to DO Whatever my heart says

  • I want to DO Whatever my heart says

  • And importantly I want to explore all the fields in IT, which are essential like

    • Cyber security for safety

    • Web development for digital identity

    • DevOps for automation

    • Customer relation management for managing business

    • Business studies to build my business

    • Accessibility so that the developed solutions can be accessed my anyone

    • Freelancing to earn my keep, so that I can continue my studies, and side projects

    • and many more undertakings...

I am learning, studying, and improving every second and will continue to strive for more.

( Secrets; Addressing Newbie Fears )

  • Even if they want to, they cannot scroll too much because linkedin makes sure to make the experience so unpleasant and hard to scroll through one's past posts feed, that they would rather leave things as it was.

  • Just sharing valuable things isn't going to work, you have to reach out to the right audience.

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